Class Notes for the next edition of Alumni News magazine

Class Notes for the next edition of Alumni News magazine as the deadline for submissions will be Monday 16 September 2013.

Class Notes are the section at the back of the magazine where classmates can share any updates about their careers, families, travel.  We would be grateful if you could encourage your classmates to share their news, as well as send us your own.  Please see below for more information about formatting of Class Notes and get in touch if you have any questions about this. I will send another reminder about submissions closer to the deadline.

Contributions should be written in a straightforward and factual manner. In order to make the notes fit in the space available the editor reserves the right to make stylistic changes and to edit copy; these edits will of course still be mindful of retaining the individual voices and characters.



If you would like a photograph to be featured in Class Notes, it should be sent as a jpeg with a minimum resolution of 200dpi. Please ensure your digital camera is set to the highest resolution in ‘settings’. If in doubt, send a selection of your highest quality images and cross reference the images with the copy you provide so we can easily identify which images belong to which copy.  Please note we cannot guarantee to include all images owing to limited space within the magazine.


Please submit your news and photos to:


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