SEP 72 – Fall 2018 reunion – Survey

This is a brief survey to understand who is interested in hosting our class 2018 alumni reunion:

Hosting city 2017

First, I wanted to thank David for his impeccable effort to chair the 2016 reunion in beautiful Kenya.
Unfortunately, due to lack of participation we decided to cancel the 2016 reunion. There are a few reasons for the cancellation as per David’s survey. In addition, I would like to add that there was a mix up of the dates for the reunion. The original reunion dates were conflicting with national holidays in some countries and as a result we proposed to change the dates and lost some initial participants. This is a lesson learned from my side, I apologize for the confusion.
Moving on, we need your help in planning for the 2017 reunion. In David’s survey a few people suggested to plan something in London, near LBS. That would be great, however our alumni in London will need to confirm interest and availability to host 🙂
I will reach out to them, in the meantime, if you are interested in hosting anytime in the next three years, please let me know so that we can build a pipeline of potential hosting cities.

LBS SEP 72 Alumni reunion 2016

Hello everyone!







There is so much to do in Kenya:
• Amboseli – Go and see elephants here. As you’re probably aware, Kenya is burning $100m today and this is making worldwide news!
• Mombasa – Diani beach was voted one of the best in the world.
• Maasai Mara – Again, voted the best for wildlife viewing in the world.
• Samburu – North of the equator where unique animals are seen.

Here is the Schedule of the Reunion:

Arrival Wednesday 26th Oct, Daytime:
Visit parts of Nairobi; Karen Blixen Museum, Safari walk at Nairobi National Park, visit Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Centre in Karen etc

Wed 26th Oct, Evening in Hotel:
Guest speaker

Thursday 27th:
Leave for Maasai Mara for three nights

Sunday 30th:
Leave Masaai Mara in the morning and depart from Nairobi later that day.


Please check your email for additional information that David has shared with us.

All the best,


LBS SEP 72 reunion in Paris, France – Updates and pics!

Congratulations and one big Thanks on behalf of everyone to Anne-Caroline Dispot-Kearney for the wonderful, amazing organization of the 2015 SEP 72 Class reunion.

These pictures are worth thousands of words!  Enjoy:

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LBS SEP 2015 Reunion in Paris, France.


First, (Drumroll…) the next reunion, as you already know, is in Paris, France.

Dates are from Thursday, 29th of October to November 1st!

The Chair for this reunion is Anne-Caroline Dispot-Kearney!


Here are the Hotel Suggestions:

  1. Hotel Sofitel Le Faugbourg :   1323 euros / double room.
  2. Hotel Bedford: 885 euros with view and balcony (last floor)
  3. Hotel les Mathurins : 1020 euros 3 nights double superior

Breakfast not included – 21 and 27 euros – / Nice alternative is to meet up in a traditional French CafĂ©.

All Hotels are located in the center, close to Place de la Madeleine, Opéra, the Louvre, Tuileries gardens, Champs Elysées with excellent connections.

A great shopping area also (Printemps Galeries Lafayette..).

– Estimates based on 3 nights 29th October – 1st Nov – based on current discount rates (03/06/2015):

Anne-Caroline’s suggestion is to book through/look at or similar travel agents as it is difficult to negotiate a rate and secure the bookings without it being a Corporate function.


Here is the Schedule of the Reunion:

Arrival Thursday 29th October: 

Cheese and Wine party at Anne-Caroline’s place in the evening

Friday night (30th Oct.): several options:

– Classic dinner along the Seine,

– Restaurant on the Eiffel Tour (but early dinner 18h30 to access at reasonable rate with a good view),

–  CafĂ© Marly facing Louvre Pyramid,

– Baccarat Chrystal restaurant.

These restaurants are trendy upmarket, but beautiful locations and should leave a memorable souvenir. Worth to do once in Paris.

NB : Need to secure bookings well in advance.

Saturday morning:

Could organize a guided visit of a museum: Louvre / Orsay / Picasso… in English, but needs to be pre-booked

Saturday afternoon: free pendent on wishes (shopping etc.)…

Saturday evening: Typical French brasserie


For those who have not yet made it there: outing to Versailles. Easy train connections.

Otherwise leisurely day in Paris before departure / brunch …

Could also take a leisurely walk through nice locations in Paris.  AC is on her 4th  final year at l’Ecole du Louvre.

LBS SEP 72 alumni reunion 2014 in India & News for the 2015 reunion in Paris, France.

First, let me start by congratulating our alumni in India who hosted an excellent alumni reunion.  

Here was a draft of their schedule and it was completed very successfully!

 Thursday – Welcome dinner.

 Friday – Sharing current business events / experience.

 Saturday / Sunday sightseeing tour. One of the major attractions can be a visit to Taj Mahal ( one of the 7 wonders in world), Agra and back.

Here are some pictures they forwarded:

Anil Parab, his wife Sulabha, Anne-Caroline, Shashi Sharma and David Gatende at the L&T Guest House. 


 David Gatende, Anne-Caroline, Shashi Sharma, Dinesh Gupta and Venkat Ponnada during welcome dinner.


Visit to Taj Mahal, Agra by Anne-Caroline, David Gatende, Anil Parab and his wife Sulabha.


Now, for 2015.  

We had two contestants to host the 2015 alumni reunion:

  • Brussels, Belgium (Pedro Aguiar and Andy Wilson)
  • Paris, France (Anne – Caroline Dispot Kearney)

I spoke to interested parties and It seems that the right candidate to host 2015 would be Anne – Caroline for Paris, France .  Anne – Caroline will do an excellent job I am sure, she is already planning to host a dinner at her house and we will also recommend one or two hotels close to her location so that everyone is kept together.  We should have a plan ready by March / April 2015 and of course we will communicate that to everyone in the class.  

All the best to everyone!  And don’t forget to keep in touch with each other…


Remember, if your personal info changes please send me your new position/title and contact info.  

And do not forget to follow or share your news and pics with our group on one of these websites:



Google +

· WhatsApp – there is a new group formed from our alumni in India.  If you would like to be added there please text me your mobile number on whatsapp at +13127302108 and I will ask Shashi to add you as well.


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Support the LBS Fund | London Business School – YouTube.

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Alumni reunion 2014 draft – prepared by team in India

Preparation for a hotel in Delhi to accommodate 10-15 guests from Thursday evening to Sunday morning.

1)    Thursday – welcome dinner.

2)    Friday – intention is to invite 2 guest speakers to share current business events / experience.

3)    Saturday & Sunday depending on participant’s interest there will be a sightseeing tour. One of the major attractions can be a visit to Taj Mahal ( one of the 7 wonders in world), Agra and back.

Contestants to host the 2015 alumni reunion:

Barbara GydĂ©, Senior Executive Programme | London Business School – YouTube

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