LBS SEP 72 alumni reunion 2014 in India & News for the 2015 reunion in Paris, France.

First, let me start by congratulating our alumni in India who hosted an excellent alumni reunion.  

Here was a draft of their schedule and it was completed very successfully!

 Thursday – Welcome dinner.

 Friday – Sharing current business events / experience.

 Saturday / Sunday sightseeing tour. One of the major attractions can be a visit to Taj Mahal ( one of the 7 wonders in world), Agra and back.

Here are some pictures they forwarded:

Anil Parab, his wife Sulabha, Anne-Caroline, Shashi Sharma and David Gatende at the L&T Guest House. 


 David Gatende, Anne-Caroline, Shashi Sharma, Dinesh Gupta and Venkat Ponnada during welcome dinner.


Visit to Taj Mahal, Agra by Anne-Caroline, David Gatende, Anil Parab and his wife Sulabha.


Now, for 2015.  

We had two contestants to host the 2015 alumni reunion:

  • Brussels, Belgium (Pedro Aguiar and Andy Wilson)
  • Paris, France (Anne – Caroline Dispot Kearney)

I spoke to interested parties and It seems that the right candidate to host 2015 would be Anne – Caroline for Paris, France .  Anne – Caroline will do an excellent job I am sure, she is already planning to host a dinner at her house and we will also recommend one or two hotels close to her location so that everyone is kept together.  We should have a plan ready by March / April 2015 and of course we will communicate that to everyone in the class.  

All the best to everyone!  And don’t forget to keep in touch with each other…


Remember, if your personal info changes please send me your new position/title and contact info.  

And do not forget to follow or share your news and pics with our group on one of these websites:



Google +

· WhatsApp – there is a new group formed from our alumni in India.  If you would like to be added there please text me your mobile number on whatsapp at +13127302108 and I will ask Shashi to add you as well.



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